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compound-interestIt might sound a little crazy, but do you waste your money on debt? Once you get in it, sometimes it can be hard to get out of it, but not impossible. The best way to riches is to avoid debt as it can rob you of so much money, money that could have been used on investment and wealth creation. (continue reading…)

the-best-opportunity-everI know that “The Best Opportunity Ever” is a bold statement, but it is true on so many levels, and I am going to explain why you should not miss out on this…. (continue reading…)

5-countries-getting-huge-resultsSo what are the 5 countries getting huge results? And what are they getting huge results in? All will be revealed and it will blow your mind, in a good way of course. (continue reading…)

getting-your-head-around-successTo be successful, you have to get your head in the right place, are you getting your head around success? Or are you just toying with the idea of being successful? May be it is time to take a look at your head. (continue reading…)

3d postman with envelope and bagWhy I do email marketing and why you should too. Social media is big, mobile marketing is big, but emails continue to do the business even when some say that email marketing is dead. (continue reading…)

wa_uncover_secrets_250x250Life is full of big opportunities, but how many people just let them slip by without taking action. Many people do not even see them when they are right in front of their face. Is it because they are playing safe, or just plain scared? (continue reading…)

moving-forwardIt is always better to be moving forward than going backwards, right? Well, that is exactly what I am doing online, I am moving forward and with that movement comes changes. I want to explain the changes that are going to be happening around here… (continue reading…)


It doesn’t matter what business your are in you need to focus your mind to be really successful. This is something that I have been guilty of not following in the past, but I am now getting my mind inline with what I need to focus on, and it is beginning to pay dividends. (continue reading…)

This post has no relevance to what I am doing online, or about my writing, but I guess it doesn’t have to be. It is true, there is beauty everywhere, sometimes we just do not see it, we look straight past it, or we just miss it completely. So here is a little story of the beauty I found early this morning. (continue reading…)

I thought I would write an update of what I have been doing recently, a progress report if you like. My last post was about the completion of my second book and what I intended to do from there. So has it gone to plan? (continue reading…)